Almond Milk Ice Cream

How to Make Almond Milk Ice Cream: Delicious Recipes

Almond milk ice cream is a smooth, dairy-free frozen treat that is not difficult to make at home. This rich vegan dessert can be made quickly using a few simple ingredients.

Almond milk ice cream is a well-known option in contrast to traditional dairy-based ice cream. It can be made without dairy, eggs, or refined sugar and is delicious and creamy. Making your own almond milk ice cream at home gives you command over the ingredients so you can make a sound, all-normal frozen dessert. In addition, it typically contains fewer calories and fat than store-bought ice cream. This simple recipe utilizes only a modest bunch of ingredients to make a rich, smooth almond milk ice cream base. Regular almond extract upgrades the almond flavor.

Required Ingredients

Almond Milk

Almond milk is the primary component in the dairy-free, creamy base of your almond milk ice cream. What you need to know about it is as follows:

1- Use Almond Milk Without Sugar

Use almond milk that hasn’t been sweetened as your base. You can adjust the sweetness of the ice cream to your preference with this option. It gives you a fresh start to tailor the pleasantness without depending on pre-added sugars.

2- Dairy-Free Creamy Base

Because it is made from plants, almond milk gives your ice cream a wonderful creamy texture without the use of dairy products. Its consistency is great for accomplishing that extravagant feel in each scoop.

3- Homemade vs. Store-Bought

While both store-bought and homemade almond milk function well, there’s a prominent difference in flavor. Homemade almond milk will, in general, convey a more grounded almond essence, upgrading the general taste of your frozen yogurt. If you want a flavor profile with more almond flavor, this is a great option.

The process of making your healthy almond milk can be enjoyable and rewarding. It allows you to control the virtue and force of the almond taste, ensuring a brilliantly natively constructed touch to your ice cream.

Making Homemade Almond Milk


Water and raw almonds are all you need. For flavor, you can add dates or a dash of vanilla, both of which are options.


  •  Absorb the almond water for the time being, or at least 8 hours.
  • Rinse the soaked almonds out.
  • Mix the almonds with new water in a proportion of 1:3 (one section of almonds to three sections of water) until smooth.
  • To separate the pulp from the liquid, use cheesecloth or a nut milk bag to strain the mixture.
  • Store the newly made almond milk in a water- or air-proof holder in the cooler for up to 3–4 days.
Bowl of almond milk ice cream topped with chocolate biscuits.

Tips for Store-Bought Almond Milk

While selecting store-bought almond milk, ensure you pick an unsweetened, unflavored variety. This ensures an unbiased base for your frozen yogurt.

Stabilizers or thickeners written on the label can change how the ice cream feels in your mouth. Almond milk that is organic or natural typically contains fewer additives.

Almond Milk for Flavor Enhancement

Your preference will ultimately determine whether you choose to make your own almond milk or buy it from a store. Homemade almond milk imparts a richer almond essence to your ice cream, enhancing its flavor profile, whereas store-bought almond milk is more convenient.

Explore different avenues regarding the two choices to find the one that best supplements your taste inclinations. Because almond milk is so adaptable, you can make your own almond milk ice cream in numerous ways, making each batch a unique, delicious treat.


The choice of the right sweetener for your almond milk ice cream’s flavor profile is crucial. Consider the following choices:

1- Adaptable Sugars

Granulated sugar, maple syrup, honey, or agave act as phenomenal improvement specialists for your ice cream base.

2- Make Sweetness Your Own

You can customize the sweetness level. The taste of your ice cream depends on how much sweet stuff you put in. Start with a small amount and work your way up to the desired sweetness.

3- Flavor Intricacy

In addition to sweetening the almond milk, maple syrup or honey imparts nuanced flavor complexity to enhance its nuttiness. Their addition enhances the flavor and provides your dessert with a delightful depth.


If you want your almond milk ice cream to be smooth and creamy, you need to use the right thickening agents:

1- Arrowroot or Cornstarch

These natural thickeners make the ice cream smooth and creamy by stopping ice crystals from forming.

2- Proportion

Consider adding one to two tablespoons of your preferred thickener for every four cups of almond milk used in the base of your ice cream. This ratio helps keep the consistency you want without changing the flavor.


Hoist the taste profile of your almond milk frozen yogurt with these tasty enhancements:

1- Almond Concentrate

As referenced before, almond extract escalates the nutty flavor, enhancing the almond flavor in your ice cream base.

2- Vanilla Concentrate

A traditional and adaptable choice that pairs well with the almond essence and provides a delightful flavor combination.

3- Cocoa Mass

By adding cocoa powder, your almond milk ice cream will taste like chocolate. It’s the ideal decision for making rich and liberal chocolate almond milk ice cream.

4- Mix-ins

Explore different avenues regarding nuts, squashed treats, or delightful twirls to add surface and profundity to your ice cream. Each scoop is given a playful twist thanks to these mix-ins.

Touch of Salt

A little bit of critical expansion that carries equilibrium to the pleasantness:

1- Difficult Exercise

A touch of salt sprinkled into your ice cream base adjusts the pleasantness, improving the general flavor profile. It doesn’t make the frozen yogurt pungent; rather, it intensifies the other flavors that are present.

Making Your Own Almond Milk Ice Cream

By combining these components—sugar, salt, flavorings, and thickeners—you can make your own luscious almond milk ice cream. The cautious choice and estimation of these ingredients prepare for a smooth, tasty pastry that provides food categorically, as you would prefer.

Almond milk ice cream topped with almonds in a bowl on a tray.

How to Make Ice Cream with Almond Milk?

Make the Ice Cream Base

There are several important steps involved in making the almond milk ice cream’s foundation:

1- Combine the Following

In a pan, whisk together the almond milk, picked sugar, favored thickener, chosen flavorings (for example, almond concentrate or vanilla concentrate), and a touch of salt.

2- Heat and Thicken

Place the pot over medium heat. Keep mixing the mixture to make sure it’s well combined. If desired, warm the almond milk by letting it simmer gently for 5 to 10 minutes, with frequent stirring. The combination will progressively thicken, fostering a smooth and rich consistency.

3- Cooling Method

When the base has thickened, remove it from the heat. A complete cooling of the mixture is required. For ideal outcomes, refrigerate the almond milk base until it reaches a chilled temperature. Before proceeding to the churning phase, this cooling procedure must be completed.

Churn the Base

The subsequent stage includes changing the cooled base into superb, velvety ice cream.

1- Set Up the Ice Cream Maker

Set up your ice cream maker as per the maker’s guidelines.

2- The Churning Method

Fill the ice cream maker with the completely cooled base. Start stirring, following the suggested length given in the producer’s guidelines. The mixture will typically take between 20 and 30 minutes to reach a creamy, soft-serve consistency.

Move to Compartment

After achieving the ideal consistency, now is the right time to set up the ice cream for freezing.

1- Container for Storage

Move the stirred frozen yogurt into a cooler-safe container. To preserve the texture of the ice cream and prevent freezer burn, make sure the container has an airtight seal. When considering the storage duration of almond milk, it’s essential to prioritize airtight seals to maintain their freshness in the refrigerator or freezer.

2- Time in Freezing

For a firmer surface, permit the frozen yogurt to freeze in the holder for something like 2 hours before serving. After churning or briefly freezing, you can serve the ice cream immediately if you prefer a softer consistency.

Mix-ins and Serving

Alter your almond milk ice cream with mix-ins and serve it in your preferred style:

1- Integrate Mix-ins

After the ice cream has been churned or frozen, incorporate any desired mix-ins for added flavor and texture. Popular options include chocolate swirls, nut butter, fruit purees, and cookie crumbles.

2- Options for Serving

Pour the recently frozen or churned almond milk ice cream into bowls or cones, or make sundaes that look so good.

3- Toppings

Lift your frozen yogurt experience by garnishing it with your #1 ingredient—whipped cream, new natural products, chocolate sauce, or sprinkles—to make an outwardly engaging and liberal sweet.

If you follow these step-by-step instructions, you can enjoy your homemade almond milk ice cream, which is dairy-free and creamy. The flexibility of this recipe permits you to explore different avenues regarding different flavors, blends, and serving styles, making a customized frozen dessert that takes care of your taste inclinations.

Tips to Make the Best Almond Milk Ice Cream

Utilize Top-Notch Ingredients

The nature of your ingredients incredibly impacts the taste and surface of your almond milk ice cream.

1- Choose Premium Almond Milk

Search out crude, natural almond milk for the base. The overall flavor profile of high-quality almond milk is enhanced, resulting in a richer and more authentic almond flavor.

2- Sweeteners from Nature

Organic maple syrup, raw honey, or agave nectar are all good options for natural sweeteners. These options elevate your ice cream to a gourmet level by not only adding sweetness but also contributing to the subtle flavors.

Cool the Base Completely

Appropriately cooling the frozen yogurt base is essential to achieving ideal outcomes.

1- Super-Cold Base for Creamier Surface

Ensure the base is entirely chilled before stirring. A virus base prompts quicker beating and results in a creamier frozen yogurt consistency.

Add Flavor Varieties

Trial and error with flavors keeps your almond milk frozen yogurt experience energizing.

1- Take a Look at Various Excerpts

Beyond almond removal, consider trying different things with different concentrates, like mint, coconut, or even citrus, to create exceptional flavor profiles.

2- Cocoa Powder and Mix-ins

Presenting cocoa powder for a chocolatey mix or consolidating different mix-ins, for example, natural product compotes, nut bunches, or treat disintegrates, adds layers of flavor and surface to your ice cream.

Bowl of chocolate almond milk ice cream topped with chocolate shavings and a wafer.

Take Advantage of Soft-Serve Right Away

Consider the following for a delightful soft-serve experience:

1- Consumption Immediately Following Churning

Enjoy your churned almond milk ice cream right away for a velvety, soft texture. This yields superb, delicate serve consistency, ideal for ensuring guilty pleasure.

Proper Storage

Proper storage ensures that your almond milk ice cream will last for a long time and taste great.

1- Storage in an Airtight Freezer

Move the stirred ice cream into a sealed-closed compartment appropriate for cooler capacity. To avoid air exposure that could result in freezer burn, make sure the container is tightly sealed.

2- Time in Freezing

Your almond milk frozen yogurt can be put away in the cooler for as long as 2 months. However, for the best surface after serving, permit the frozen yogurt to sit at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes before scooping. The ice cream softens slightly during this process of thawing, making it easier to scoop while maintaining its creamy consistency.

Improve Your Almond Milk Ice Cream Experience

Carrying out these tips improves the quality and adaptability of your homemade almond milk ice cream. You can ensure that your desserts will always be delicious by using high-quality ingredients, experimenting with flavors, and properly storing them.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

Creating your own almond milk ice cream is a great kitchen experience that offers limitless conceivable outcomes.

Simplicity and Versatility

The simplicity of this recipe, combined with its versatility, engages you to make a solid, dairy-free dessert effortlessly. You can make a frozen treat that meets your dietary and flavor preferences while also being delicious by making use of common pantry staples and healthy ingredients.

Family-Accommodating Enjoyment

Almond milk ice cream is a delightful option for the entire family, and it can be chosen for a variety of reasons, including personal preference, dietary restrictions, or just the pleasure of making a homemade dessert. Its smooth surface and adjustable nature make it a group-pleaser among both adults and kids.

Better Alternative

In addition to being dairy-free, homemade almond milk ice cream frequently contains fewer calories and fat than store-bought alternatives. It lets you enjoy a healthy dessert made from scratch without feeling guilty.

Create It Yourself

By incorporating novel mix-ins, experimenting with various toppings, or infusing this basic recipe with your favorite flavors, you can transform it into your go-to dessert recipe. In the kitchen, let your creative juices flow as you create a bespoke frozen masterpiece that will become your new go-to treat.

Feel free to share your own experiences, flavor combinations, or creative advice for making your own almond milk ice cream in the comments section below. We should praise the delight of custom-made sweets and the specialty of making superb treats without any preparation.

Much obliged to you for going along with us on this excursion to make healthy and flavorful almond milk ice cream. Happy eating and experimenting until next time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I utilize other non-dairy milks rather than almond milk to make this ice cream?

A: Absolutely! While this article centers on almond milk, you can substitute it with other non-dairy choices like coconut milk, cashew milk, or oat milk. Remember that different non-dairy milks may modify the flavor and surface of the ice cream.

Q2: How can I make this ice cream without an ice cream maker?

A: Almond milk Ice cream can still be made without an ice cream maker. After setting up the base, empty it into a shallow compartment and spot it in the cooler. To break up the ice crystals, take them out every 30 minutes and vigorously stir or whisk. Repeat until the mixture is smooth, usually two to three hours.

Q3: Is homemade almond milk ice cream more grounded than store-bought renditions?

A: Because you control the ingredients, homemade almond milk ice cream can be a healthier alternative to many store-bought options. It may be a healthier option if you avoid artificial flavors, preservatives, and added sugars.

Q4: Can I lessen the sugar content in the recipe without influencing the surface?

A: Yes, you can alter the amount of sugar to your liking. Nonetheless, remember that sugar influences the pleasantness as well as the surface of the frozen yogurt. Sugar contributes to a creamier texture by preventing the formation of large ice crystals. Try experimenting with sugar substitutes or gradually reducing the amount.

Q5: How long does handmade almond milk ice cream take toward the end in the cooler?

A: Almond milk Ice cream can be kept for up to two months in the freezer if it is properly stored. To avoid freezer burn, store it in an airtight container. Before scooping, let the ice cream cool to room temperature for a few minutes to get the best texture.

Q6: Can I add alcohol to homemade ice cream made with almond milk?

A: When ice cream is frozen, adding a small amount of alcohol, like vodka or rum, can help keep it from becoming too hard. It can work on the surface by somewhat bringing down the edge of freezing over, but an excessive amount of liquor can influence the flavor and surface adversely.

Q7: Can I make this frozen yogurt sans nuts for sensitivities?

A: Absolutely! If nut sensitivities are a worry, consider utilizing oat milk, rice milk, or other non-nut choices. Additionally, skip almond extract or any almond-based blend-ins.

Q8: How can I make ice cream that is too hard or icy?

A: Before scooping icy or hard ice cream, allow it to slightly soften at room temperature for a few minutes to improve the texture. On the other hand, mix it momentarily in a food processor to separate ice gems and re-establish a smoother consistency.

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